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Apr 15, 2019

The palm tree and palm leaves appear again and again throughout the Bible as symbols of integrity, honor, righteousness, holiness, godly authority, and royal glory. The palm was used in the carved decorations of the temple, usually associated with the Cherubim, but also with the regal lion and the flower in full bloom. In addition though, throughout the entire ancient Near East palm branches were the conventional symbol of public approval and welcome by all the eastern peoples to conquering heroes, and were strewn and carried in triumphal processions. All the Gospels report that people gave Jesus the kingly honor of strewing palm branches along the path during His triumphal entry. The use of the palm became an almost universal worship convention on Palm Sunday by the beginning of the third century. This Sunday, we will observe this venerable and ancient practice during the service, as we too sing Hosannas to our King, waving these old Biblical symbols of royal pomp and joyous celebration. — Pastor George Grant

Key Words: Delivered, Pilate, Answer, Barabbas, Crucify, Mocked Keystone Verse: They cried out again, “Crucify Him.” (Mark 15:13) Bulletin & Newsletter